The Love Letters Series

Hey Guys! I am soooo excited to be here in this space again. Last year, I started my very first challenge that enabled me to keep myself encouraged and affirmed about everything ME. It began at the beginning of the month and I took the everyday to carve out time to write myself a love letter. I figured, why not? I spent years and years in all these relationships and craving this sense of intimacy and wanting from others, it just made me think, "Why cant I do it for myself?"

The purpose of this challenge is to give all the love to myself an extra layer of love+healing. Some days will be prompted but for the most part, this challenge is about digger deeper within yourself and getting as intimate with you as possible. Be sue to post on your social media (if you want to, you are more than welcome to keep this private) using the hashtag #LoveLettersSeries.

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