On Community: Taking Pride In The Tribe

A few days ago I was having a conversation with my daughter's God Father and we got to talking about simply staying encouraged. Somewhere along the line we spoke about the perspective of each other's lives from the outside looking in and how we have completely different ideas of what the other is going through. Now, we've been friends for a while and have seen each other through some of the highest and lowest points of our lives. I think it's safe t say that I completely trust him with mine and Nala's lives.

The take away of the conversation, the thing that stuck out most to me was when he said "You don't always recognize or give yourself credit for the small victories. And there are moments when I catch those small victories for you when you miss them, and that's okay."

Now that got me to thinking a few things:

1. Am I really THAT absent from my own life that I forget to really look at what I have and take stock in what I have and where I am?

2. I have to stop being so hard on myself and give myself credit for the little things because no matter how hard the war is, I am winning hella battles right now.

3.I'm glad to have someone that I can trust to fill in the gaps when I'm busy missing out on key aspects of my life.

Then, these thoughts brought me to thinking about the community of women I have been blessed to have become apart of my tribe. On and off the screen. I am grateful. Apart of me secretly felt a little ashamed because I dot have the best familial ties and so being able to connect with complete strangers was more than foreign to me. But while it was unfamiliar it also felt right. Like I was creating a space for myself in this big world and I wasn't the socially awkward anymore. Outside of my best friend and confidante, Nala, and the my group of badass bloggers, vloggers, wives, mamas, and makeup artists that have my back.

That saying, "Blood id thicker than water." But, my water is sparkling and lead free tho! It just got me to thinking that

on our healing journeys we need accountability, friendship, folks to be our mirrors, sound boards, and shoulders. And vice versa.

Bottom line:

Being grateful for the beautiful surprises that happen to be the people in your corner. No matter how unexpected.

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