Welcome to 2|0|1|8 !! We made it. But for me, it's taken a bit more time to reflect and accept what and who I would be leaving behind.

In 2017 I took hella chances but I equally took hella L's. I found purpose when I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl in January, triumph and a sense of belonging when I decided to apply for my Child Development Associate certification to become a Preschool Teacher in May; And when I met a dope group of females that would become apart of my tribe when I launched launched KMH The Blog in August. Then I found tragedy when I my older brother was killed 3 weeks ago. Still, in between all that life was still coming at me fast and it made me feel like i was constantly fighting, which took a toll on my self care and self confidence. I took punch after punch, blow after blow with the numerous turn of events this year and I cowered and/ or beat myself up. I didn't show up for myself as much I wished I did.

Here is what all the shit I went through taught me...

1. Count the small wins too, they matter.

2. Most times you are actually alone and that's okay because you show YOU just what you've got every time.

3. For the few times you aren't alone take the help gracefully

4. Sweat the small stuff but boss it the fuck up.

5.No one knows if you don't speak up.

6.Allow yourself to heal the way you see fit. Those feelings are yours and yours alone.

7. Stop overthinking.

8. Forgive yourself first and move on.

9. Stop apologizing for feeling. Nobody got time for that.

10. Yes, you are different from your loved ones, and that's okay. They either love it and embrace it or they don't. But you love you no matter what.

11. Nala is loved. That is all that matters.

Not much about my situation has changed but I am claiming better. I sill have a ton of work to do. It was not easy but I survived. 2017 was the year of survival and 2018 will be the year to LIVE!. Happy New Year.

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