I Do: A Story of Newly Found Courage & Commitment

It's August 29, 2017 and I can't help but

think about the significance of what yesterday would've been.

It would've marked my 1 year wedding anniversary to my daughter's father. However, 🙄. But instead of putting the focal point on the failed prenuptials, I'd rather focus on my commitment to growth, self- love, and overall glowing up inside and out.

Something old

But this is not a sad story, I promise. And so, I'm glad I didn't make THAT mistake. Of settling for anger, insecurities, disturst, grudges, miscommunication, and absolutely no love. I'm glad I didn't let my fear of being wrong and alone tie me down to a lifetime commitment I knew deep down I didn't want to make. As I'm reflecting , I'm coming to the conclusion that hindsight is indeed 20/20. I had no idea what I was going to do after I called off my wedding last summer. And I was in the trenches and in another city- broke, broken, and newly pregnant.

Something new

How things have changed in a short year! I'm back in my hometown with an almost 8 month old, a new job, a and I finally got the guts and inspiration to pick my brand back up and turn it into something I can be proud of.

Something borrowed

Thank God for growth, huh?

I couldn't have made it without the integral group of people that have never strayed away from me and helped me grow up and go through my processes. My tribe, my village of folks that have guided me, mentored me, lectured me, and sheltered me and given me the necessary tough love I needed and it because they loved me; is a huge part of why I got through everything I've been through over this past year. I am taking all of our advice and conversations and really applying them to my the most important parts of me. If you are reading this thank you for bailing me out , allowing me to make mistakes, trusting me to fix them, supporting and allowing me to be me. Through all of he inspiration , I will pay you all back through successfully becoming a better person, mother, sister, friend and overall woman.

Nothing blue

I refuse to be sad, melancholy or upset reminiscing with shoulda, coulda, woulda. IT DIDN'T. And I am grateful.

I've taken time to recoup my spirit, explore myself and get to see what I could do once if escaped toxicity I realize that I owe myself and Nala more than that . I may be still trying to figure things out, but who isn't? What I do know is that that relationship was both a blessing and a curse. It gave me my most precious gifts- a daughter and courage to leave and lessons I needed to use as a vehicle to get me where I am today. So I see nothing blue about that 💋♥️

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