On Mindfulness: Minding My Mouth

As a part of my reevaluation, I've been forced to look at how I handle my mouth. I am often the queen of miscommunication. I find myself apologizing for how something comes out or not saying things at all. While I know that finding the right words and communicating them is a different skill in itself, I CAN help the words I do have.

There is a saying, "Speak With Good Purpose"- Is what your saying for the good of the order? Is it uplifting? Does it edify you and others around you. Is it in alignment with what you say you stand for?

Speak with good purpose also goes hand in hand with the other saying "Think before you speak"

Because it is so easy to get caught up engaging or facilitating aimless, negative talk instead of speaking life in well.. your life.

I find the T.H.I.N.K. Method helps me stay on track. I also find that it brings me a new level of mindfulness. And I am in no way and expert or perfect at this practice but it definitely helps me incorporate across the board while talking to family, friends, my child, and even strangers.

T- Is it TRUE?




K- Is it KIND?

Will you incorporate this in your everyday life?

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