Baby Talk: Positive Affirmations To Share With Our Chidren

How many times do we affirm our children? In the midst of thinking about my own self care routine, I couldn't help bu think about what that means when it comes to Nala. Being a single parent I find myself always being extra careful as to how myself and others talk to her.

I grew up in a somewhat stifled environment where language, conversations, and communication was so lazy and just whatever came out of " grown folks" mouths was out- with no regard for how it came out or what it made us feel like. The parental folks just assumed we'd be okay. They didn't care how it would shape us from children to adults who would grow up and have little human that would look up to us someday.

Needless to say I don't miss a day telling my daughter how beautiful and important her and her feelings are.

We've seen the videos of the parents having their children say positive affirmations in the mirror, quoting mantras and showing themselves love. This is how I want Nala to grow into her beautiful brown self with confidence and love and light.

Below I have a list of 66 Positive things to say to your child:

Please feel free to add your own affirmations specifically tailored to your child. Lets Spread Love!

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