"Create space and grant yourself permission to be whatever, and whoever you want to be. Feel whatever you want and need to feel, and then do it out loud."- Naima Ahava Rufaro

"I became a bit more whole and delved deeper into my healing.

I became my friend, my lover, and I reintroduced myself to my heart. I created my space and learned how to take it up. I didn't realize that I was all I've ever wanted." - Naima Ahava Rufaro


          Safety. Security. Sanctuary.


"You've always felt like you never belonged, but darling, maybe that's just a reminder from the universe that you belong to yourself before you belong to anyone else."- Billy Chapata

In this moment I choose me.

I choose this body.

I choose this story.

I choose to love who I am in the present as I illuminate parts of me as I evolve. - Liana Naima

This is a safe space. A place I've never had in my entire life. Now it's time to find my heart home. I hope that you will find sactuary here as well. 

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